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How we install our epoxy flake floors

Step 1: Cocnrete Prep

First, we go ahead and Diamond-grind your floor, opening up all the pores in the concrete, that way our 100% solids Epoxy or Polyaspartic coating can have the best bond to the surface. (This is the MOST IMPORTANT step of the process and the reason why all other coating fail.) 

Step 2: Crack Repair

Although it is pretty common for most concrete to have some sort of small hairline cracking it is important to repair to receive a smooth and flawless surface. 

Step 3: Applying Basecoat

After we've cleaned up, we pour our contractor-grade poly coating onto the freshly prepared concrete allowing it to soak in and receive that strong bond that we need for the coating to last.

Step 4: Vynal Chips

Now the fun part. We do a full broadcast of our vynal flakes onto the wet coating until we receive full coverage. Doing a full broadcast helps with the durability of your floor, as well as adding another layer of protection. Having a textured floor also makes it safer to walk on, reducing the chance of slipping.

Step 5: UV Resistant Top Coat

Lastly, after the coating has cured, we scrape and vacuum the access flakes, and lay down our Polyaspartic-85 clear top coat. This is what makes the floor 100% UV stable, and keeps your floor looking crystal clear.

Step 6: Renovate your own space

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